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Goals-Based Financial Planning

The financial planning process can be centered around many different areas, including retirement, education, budgeting, risk management, asset management, and more. Because of this, many individuals and families don’t know the best place to start and once they do, the process can be overwhelming. By using a goals-based approach, we are able to shift the focus of planning solely on your desired goals, which can lead to a clear and confident path to financial freedom.
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First, our team helps you get a handle on where you are now, giving you a better idea of where you want to go. Next, we help you define your goals and build a road map for what to do and the most fitting order to do it in. Ultimately, you will be confident that you and your family are on the best path towards reaching financial independence.

Investment Philosophy

We believe that investing according to a structured plan is the best way for our clients to achieve their desired outcome.
  Strategic Asset Allocation
Strategic asset allocation* is the key to risk adjustment investment results. We believe in taking an academic approach to portfolio design and apply the concepts inherent in Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT). MPT suggests that by investing in multiple stocks, one can reap the benefits of diversification, particularly a potential reduction in the riskiness of the portfolio.
  Investment Strategies
Active and passive investment strategies are not an either/or proposition. A combination of active and passive strategies, over the course of a full-economic cycle, can help provide our clients the opportunity for returns that can potentially exceed their expectations.
  Research Matters
We know that research matters, and that there are no shortcuts to effective portfolio design. We work with our investment manager researchers to gather relevant information and build an edge when performing our manager selection process. Special attention is paid to manager cost, manager investment in their fund, and corporate stewardship.
  Investor Behavior and Predicting Markets
As keen observers of investor sentiment, we’re constantly on the lookout for short-sighted, emotionally driven or uninformed behavior. A cornerstone of our process is helping our clients focus on their long-term objectives versus irrational attempts to time the market. As a Chinese proverb states: “Three feet of ice was not formed in a single day.” In other words, it takes time to achieve satisfactory results.
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Risk Management

Every financial plan has to consider some level of risk. We help clients minimize risk by properly identifying and evaluating potential factors that could alter the outcome of a financial plan.

By partnering with the most trusted insurance companies, we provide solutions for each clients’ individual needs to help meet their long-term goals and objectives.

Estate Planning

Planning for the future has a different meaning to every family. Whether it is the basics of having an updated will, strategies to transfer wealth, or legacy planning, we help ensure each clients’ estate plan is aligned to their specific goals. By understanding the needs of each client, we will work with your other trusted advisors to collectively make recommendations that meet every unique circumstance.

Business Planning

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Retirement Plan Services

Retirement plans are a common benefit that owners offer their employees. As there are numerous plans, both Qualified and Non-Qualified, we strive to offer the best solutions for each company. We focus on the financial wellness of each employee to review how employer-sponsored plans can impact their retirement. Our goal is to customize a plan that is both beneficial to the owner, company, and of course, their employees.
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Continuity Planning

Continuity planning helps ensure there is a recovery strategy in place for the business in the event of a disruption or disaster to the business. A component that is often overlooked, we believe that protection and recovery planning for the business can be very significant.
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Succession Planning

We believe our focus on succession planning is to develop an understanding of the business, personal, and retirement needs of every business owner. We realize that most exit plans aren’t created overnight – instead they are designed carefully over time and implemented at its completion.

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Executive Benefits

A common concern of business owners regards their company’s ability to attract and retain key employees. We focus on customizing solutions to meet the strategic goals of the business owner and their executives.
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Is your business an important part of your retirement plan? Would you like to be assured that its full value is protected? Knowing the fair market value of your business can enable you to make the right decisions going forward.

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